Anyone who is familiar with me knows how many paid presentations I have done. Over 3300 to date. I’m not really bragging, because I know you may have a ton of speeches under your belt as well. But I will make a point here. Most speakers record their presentations because it’s a great way to learn to be a better presenter. Watching yourself back on tape during a speech is a great learning tool. But what are you doing with that old footage?

The hours and hours of tape you have could be working for you right now driving a ton of search engine traffic to your speaker websites. It could be ranking you high in search engine results and giving you access to new clients. Most importantly of all, it could be showing off your expertise and branding your speaker business, getting a jump on your competition.

I’m talking about turning that old footage into online video for Youtube, Facebook and dozens of other places that come up high in search ranks and show your speaking skills off to the world. Over 70% of people now actively watch online video to get their information. It’s quicker than reading, can be watched on their mobile devices and is far more exciting and dynamic than text-based information alone. Videos can make profitable conversions faster and easier than an article or copy (and that includes testimonials) for speakers because a video shows you in action. A couple of recorded seminars can equal hundreds of short videos when edited down.

Find yourself someone who can help you convert those old recordings and start making big money re-purposing the footage. You’ll be glad you did!

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Tom Antion – Online Training For A New Career

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Does this sound like you?

You can’t understand why the business reporter at your local newspaper has quoted your competitor in five separate stories but hasn’t called you once.

Your company sends out more than two dozen news releases every year about new employees and promotions, but they result in little more than a few lines of type.

The 12-page speech your boss wrote when he spoke at the local Rotary Club luncheon would have made an excellent column for the local business magazine. But after you mailed it to the editor, you never heard a word.

If your attempts at media coverage have fallen flat, quit grumbling and start taking a proactive approach to free publicity by identifying interesting, compelling story ideas the media need. Yes, NEED. Newspapers, magazines and trade publications have hundreds of thousands of column inches to fill. TV and radio stations have hundreds of hours of news and community interest programs they must broadcast. The number of media outlets is greater than ever, and competition is fierce for advertising dollars, viewers and subscribers. The secret to savvy media relations is knowing exactly what they want, then giving it to them.

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Tom Antion – Urgency Technique

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Tom Antion – Shooting a New Video For IMTC

Tom flew to California to shoot a new video for his Internet Marketing Training Center at the Leading Experts Production Studio owned by Jeff Hockings. We are all looking forward to his getting back with the new video. This will be an exciting addition to the other great productions he has made at Leading Experts. Check out one of Tom’s other videos and the great quality you get with Jeff.

One way to increase your rankings in Google is to use short videos on your website. You may be surprised to discover that you can create short videos even if you don’t have a video camera. Using Camtasia, a screen capture video capture software, you can record anything you can put on your screen and can narrate over top of it from a microphone or from your speakers.

After you capture your presentation, you can revise it by cutting and/or pasting in various segments. In addition, you can overlay your voice, as well as sound effects or music, onto the presentation. Camtasia allows you to record audio while screen-capturing a demonstration so you can narrate the presentation while it is in progress. However, many presenters prefer to wait until they have completed the screen capture, and then record the voice-over from a script as they play back the screen capture.

Camtasia also allows the video stream to be exported to common video formats such as MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 which can be read by most computers, even if the Camtasia software is not installed.

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