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Have you entered my Christmas Contest yet? If not Click Here to enter and get more info

First, people have been asking me how to get back to their personal referral page so they can retrieve their special referral link.

If you’re on the same computer you signed up on, the contest will remember you. All you have to do is visit the main contest page at

You will see the number of entries you have and the various sharing options on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn

Just below that is your special referral link that you can email to your friends (no spam) or post on other social media sites.

If you’re on a different computer or device, just enter using the same information as you originally did. The contest will re-cookie you and give you the same info.



Here are 11 ways to increase your chances to win….

You can pick the ones that make sense for you. Remember you get 10 entries for each person you refer who joins and confirms their entry.

 NOTE: It’s a good idea to remind them to confirm or you won’t get your 10 entries if they forget.


=> Email your friends with your special referral link. Tell them you just joined a fabulous contest with big prizes and they should join too. Put your special referral link in the email.

=> Post the contest to your Facebook fan page and personal page.

=> Share on Facebook

=> Share on Google+

=> Share on LinkedIn

=> Put it in your email newsletter

=> Post it in any forums you participate in (don’t be obnoxious about it and get yourself kicked off the forum hahaha)

=> Mention it on your teleclasses and webinars

=> Make a blog posting about the contest

=> Mention it in your podcasts

=> Post in any groups you participate in


Do any or all of these and increase your chances to win!


Catch ya

Tom Antion


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