With all the recent changes on Facebook, I wanted to get back to the basics. As a business owner it is great that you are staying current with all the changes, but you should also keep a firm grip on the older features available through the platform.

Did you know you can schedule your Facebook posts?
This is a feature that can save business owners time during throughout their busy days. Or maybe you will be traveling you can set up post to go out and not miss a beat. This is not a new Facebook feature, just a feature I think many business owners may have been over looking.

You can schedule up to six months of posts through Facebook. If your in an industry that is constantly changing six months may be a little far out, so I would recommend setting up your scheduled posts for the upcoming week. You can add links to articles, blog posts, video, or images in your scheduled posts. There are third party apps that allow you to schedule posts in advance but, Facebook rewards the pages that use their tools with a higher EdgeRank.

In the short video below I walk you through the steps so you can start scheduling your posts. Check it out and let me know how you plan on automating your Facebook Posts.


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