Facebook has made some major changes to its news feed. The change has been labeled as “Story Bumping” the changes will affect how stories are displayed on your timeline. Story bump will move older stories to the top of a users News Feed. With the previous News Feed algorithm, Facebook only posted the newest stories at the top of a users timeline so every time user logged in only the freshest content remained at the top. The changes will prevent people from missing stories because they were at the bottom of their timeline. Facebook wants to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time so they can view stories that are important to them.

The changes are designed to give users relevant content in their News Feed. Advertisements are not affected by the changes.

“Last Actor” is another change that will work with the new Story Bumping timeline. Last Actor bumps up the content from the last 50 interactions you had on Facebook. If you have “Liked” or commented on someone’s content, that persons content will show up higher in your timeline.  The new update will let organic stories to reappear near the top of the News Feed if the stories are still getting a lot of engagement. Story Bumping will streamline a users timeline with stories they want to see if they missed it the first time. As a marketer your goals should be to roll with the changes and not work against the changes. You should continue to product relevant and engaging content that your followers will be happy to Like, share, or comment.


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