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Google has finally gotten rid of their trusted Keyword Tool. You are now required to use your AdWords account to get keyword ideas. Google replaced the Keyword Tool with the Keyword Planner. Here is Googles official blog with details about he changes and a How-to guide.

I have been using a free keyword tool and they recently made some great changes and updates. According to Wordtrackers’ blog you can get:

  • The first level of access returns 50 global results, and if you need, you can download these for use at a later date.
  • You can use the same types of search as in the full tool – ‘keywords in any order’, ‘exact keyword inside a search term’, and ‘exact keyword only’. You can even paste in up to 100 keywords of your own to assess against our database.
  • The second level of results is provided when you verify your email. Verification only takes a few seconds and you’ll get up to 100 search results – 100 downloadable results for use whenever you wish. Once you’ve verified, you can also carry out your keyword searches for more specific territories.
  • The territories available include the US, the UK, and Global. Additional territories such as France, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, India and more are available through the fee-based Keyword tool.


You can get started here by entering your email and choosing a password

Wordtracker Keyword tool

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