Opt-in boxes are extremely important to your success online because they will help you build your email list. There are many different types of opt -in boxes you should test the different options to see which one grabs your readers attention and converts better. There are a few basic elements that any good opt- in box should include:

Include  a lot of benefits

Include the main benefits near the point where the person has to make a decision to put in their email address. Opt ins haven’t been a novelty for over 10 years. People are afraid you will spam them to death so you must make it extremely enticing for people to risk putting in their email address.

2. Use Blank fields

A blank field will send the psychological message to the person looking at it that they should put something in the empty field. Don’t simply put a link to your opt in box or worse yet, have it as one of your regular navigation buttons. People will gloss over it an many will never see it.

3.Decide what information you want from vistors

People want to do as little work as possible If you require a visitor fill fill out a long form they will probably back out of your website. Depending on the goal of your opt-in you may intentionally want less people to sign up. For example if you have to follow up with your opt- ins by phone you want your follow up to be with people that are seriously interested in what you are offering. Certainly the more info they are willing to fill out, the more qualified they are. When simply giving away a free digital newsletter or download you want to keep it simple.

4. Above the fold

Your opt in boxes should be positioned high on your page so visitors can see it without scrolling down. That doesn’t mean you can’t have additional signup areas further down the page, but in most cases we want at least one signup area on the first screen someone sees when they visit your site.

5. Multiple locations

Your website can have multiple locations to sign people up and you should have at least one sign up area on every major page of your site. Remember people can enter your site on any page. They may never see your home page so it’s important to have signup areas all over the place.

6. Put the opt in form in an unblock-able pop up box.

This is a real attention grabber and forces the visitor to look at your opt in box. Unblockable pop up boxes are made with code called “Dynamic HTML” also known as “DHTML”. You can buy inexpensive dynamic pop up box generators. Search google for them. Most will show you a sample of the type of boxes they will make. Some will drop in from the top of the page and bounce. Some will slide in from the left and leave to the right. Some will follow the visitor all the way down the page. You may want to set “cookies” on the boxes so they only show a limited amount of times for any particular visitor.

7. A Freebie 

Make sure you give your readers a reason to joint your list. Give away something of value like a PDF, Video file, or an e-course. Your target market has specific interests and you should cater to them if you want your list to grow.



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