You Tube announced they will be making changes to their channel layout a few months ago. It was slow roll out but every channel should be converted over to the new “One Channel” redesign. YouTube is taking advantage of content marketing and encouraging people to create engaging content to get subscribers. YouTube also wants channels to look good on all screen sizes and devices with a lot of customizable features.

YouTube is taking advantage of content marketing and encouraging people to create engaging content to get subscribers. There are a lot of benefits to the new “One Channel” design and below I will list the important changes. YouTube wants you to captivate your audience and hook viewers in the beginning of your video to keep them watching longer. By focusing on the subscriber it will force advertisers and business owners to create content that is entertaining, relevant, and engaging.

Channel Trailer

This is an introduction to your channel that will play for non –subscribers so you should explain what your channel is about so that you can convert viewers into subscribers. Your channel trailer video should be short and to the point. This is a great way to show your personality and engage with your community. As a business owner you should also have a clear call to action in your channel trailer video.

Channel Art

Channel art is great to show your unique personality on any medium. Channel art should be used to create brand awareness with the viewers. The image should 2560px by 1440px to look the best across all devices. Here are some more specific YouTube channel art guidelines in the YouTube support area.

The Guide

YouTube has added a guide on the left side of every YouTube Page. This area shows the user’s subscribed channels. This makes it easier for users to find your channel and become loyal to your brand.


By creating sections you can select which videos and playlists you want to highlight on your channels browse tab.

As with any change there are some rebels that don’t like change but ultimately they will either jump on board or not use YouTube anymore. Video is a huge marketing tool so I recommend you familiarize yourself with the platform. In general, the new channel changes looks good and it makes it easier for users to find new channels. To be successful creators must make compelling and entertaining videos to attract subscribers.

For the full rundown on the changes and how- to’s visit The YouTube Playbook here.


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