Entrepreneurs who learn to write good copy for the web can increase traffic to their websites and blogs. There is a focus on social media right now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Weather you are in business doing your own social media campaigns, an agency, or a consultant working for a client, copywriting is a technique that is worth spending time on to learn.

Once you learn the simple copywriting techniques you will see your fan base grow and assuming you are offering something that is a great value you will increase your profits. This is a great time to start taking social media serious for growing your business.

 Techniques for Creating Irresistible Social Media Content

Get to the point!

People are scrolling throughout their Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds via mobile. Our society has trained us to have short attention spans so people get bored easily. Use your personality get straight to the point and tell people what you want them to do! No need for beating around the bush! Keep it short and sweet if you want anybody to read your content and take action.

Be consistent with your image

There are tons of social media platforms for you to choose from for your business. I recommend picking as many that you can handle and making sure  the message you are sending out is consistent with your image. Write in a way that will cohesively work with your image. Stay true to who you are so you can attract the target market that will best suit your business.

Use an active voice

The way you write on social media is critical. In retail sales they say “Don’t ask, Tell”  You want to spark interest so they the reader will click, like, or re-tweet. Tell people what to do by using an active voice and strong verbs. The subject performs the action of the verb. For example: This technique will fix your number one social media problem, follow this link! vs  Fix your social media problem with this technique.

Be creative and build excitement with an element of urgency

You want the reader to act now so give them a reason to. Build excitement and be creative.


Ultimately you want people to read and click on your content. There are millions of other people doing the same establish what makes you different with your copy. Be creative and be yourself.

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