“Best Of” products are really easy to produce because the really hard work of creating the individual products in the first place has already been done. You simply repackage the work.

I’m in the process right now of creating several “Best Of” products. The first one I’m creating comes from all the work I’ve done over the past 4 years publishing “Great Speaking” Ezine. I’ll get at least five new products out of this. Each product will be based on one of the regular four sections of the ezine and the fifth product will be a package deal with all the sections included.

Here are the products I’ll get from “Great Speaking”:

The Best of “Great Speaking” Quick Tips
The Best of “Great Speaking” Advanced Tips
The Best of “Great Speaking” Humor Tips
The Best of “Great Speaking” Marketing Tips
Get em all for one special price!
I’ll get even more products from the many audio tapes I have.

I haven’t even figured out all the combinations I can do yet, but here is a brief stab at it:

The Best of Tom Antion’s Media Marketing
The Best of Tom Antion’s Speaking Tips
The Best of Tom Antion’s Internet Marketing Tips
and it can go on and on.

Then I can make the best of my Ebooks, CDs etc. This could go on all next year if I wanted it to.

The idea here falls back into my regular product strategy. Keep producing products that sell on their own and then bundle them together in different ways to keep them alive and fresh and cranking income for you.

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