How are a Budweiser beer bottle and a Blonde alike? They are both empty from the neck up.

Why does a Blonde keep empty beer bottles in her fridge? They are for those who don’t drink!

What do you call a dead Blonde in a closet? 1984 hide and seek champ.

How did the Blonde die ice fishing? She got ran over by the Zamboni.

Why did the Blonde stare at a can of frozen orange juice? Because it said concentrate.

Why was the Blonde proud for finishing a puzzle in only six months? The box said “2 to 4 years!”

What did the Blonde say when she found out she was pregnant? “I wonder if it’s mine?”

Why do Blondes always smile during lightning storms? They think their picture is being taken.

Why do Blondes have “TGIF” written on their shoes? Toes Go In First.

Why shouldn’t Blondes have coffee breaks? It takes too long to retrain them.

Two Blondes observed in a parking lot trying to unlock the door of their Mercedes with a coat hanger. Linda: “I can’t seem to get this door unlocked!” Sylvie: “Well, you’d better hurry up and try harder, its starting to rain and the top is down!”

How does a Blonde change a light bulb? She holds the bulb in the socket and waits for the world to go around.

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