How cool would it be if your client got off the phone with you
and a short time later you sent a link to a customized audio
demo specifically for his/her group?

Well, not only is it cool — it’s doable with a very small amount
of skill.

I called Mike Stewart from and he had
me totally competent to do it myself in less than a day — and
that includes setting up the equipment.

Although I’m not really technical, I can get around the
computer pretty good so your mileage may vary when it comes to
how long it will take you, but the bottom line is that IT’S WORTH

It’s worth it for many other things too. You can put all kinds of
audio clips on your website for all your different speeches. You
can put an entire speech if you want to. You can also create
areas with your picture on it that says “Click here to hear a
special message from Tom Antion.” You can put audio testimonials
on your site.

AND you can create products without going to a recording studio
which will save you thousands and thousands of dollars.

You can use pretty basic equipment if you have to, but I bought a
portable recording package from Mike that gives me a really high
quality “studio in a box.” I can take it with me if I’m going to
be on the road and record to my laptop.

I don’t remember exactly what the package cost, but I do know it
paid for itself in the first week when I created a three-tape
audio album and also it saved me lots of money by allowing me to
put a regular call from my mentor program on the
web instead of duplicating and mailing sometimes up to 80 tapes a

You will have to be able to put files on your website. If you
can’t, Mike or your webmaster can do it for you.

If you want to hear a sample of what I was able to accomplish on
the first try visit. It’s not perfect, but it cost me nothing to

Not only is this cool, this is necessary to compete in a
marketplace that is used to sound and visuals . . . not just
written words.

Visit Mike’s site:

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