This is lots of fun and whenever I do this it always creates
pandemonium in the crowd.

I have two full size dummies left over from my old entertainment
company. They are hideously old looking male and female
characters that I used in an Over-the-Hill birthday party

I started using them in customer service presentations where I
demonstrated various acts of violence on the dummies to
what some nasty customers deserve. People in the crowd who gave
correct responses to the “proper” way to respond to nasty
customers got to come up on stage and kick, gouge, body slam,
bash the dummy with a sledge hammer or do any socially
unacceptable thing they wanted to do to the pseudo customer.

In the right situations with the right crowd, this will bring
down the house. Soon the dummies were being thrown around the
room like a teenage rave party and the place was a mad house.


You may be tempted to use one of your colleagues or spouse for
this, but please refrain and do it this way.

Buy a pair of long underwear and sew the top and bottom together
(you may have to get someone handy with a sewing machine to help
you with this). Stuff the body and arms with newspaper or for a
heavier dummy use foam padding like you would find at an Army
surplus or camping store.

Visit or get a catalog from a costume store like Morris Costume
in Charlotte, NC. Get a hideous looking rubber full head mask,
and a set of hideous monster gloves/hands. Stuff these and sew
them on the dummy.

For feet, you can use monster feet or to save a few bucks just
sew on some stuffed socks and old shoes.

Just for fun I would put the dummies in seatbelts in my car and
hook a yardstick to the chin of the dummy in the passenger seat.
This yardstick could not be seen by the driver in the car next to
me. At stop lights I would pretend to talk to the dummy and move
it’s head with the yardstick. I had to quit because I was sure I
was going to cause an accident.

If you want to freak out your neighbors, put one of the dummies
in your trunk, throw it over your shoulder and carry it into the
house at dusk. You get extra points of this if you happen to be
digging a hole in your back yard at the time.

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