Poor and intermittent email delivery rates create lots of hassle for e-course authors. Everything is “supposed” to be automatic, but if one part of a multipart e-course does not get delivered to a person, they are going to contact you to send them the missing part(s) of the course.

A great way to combat this is to put the entire course in a pdf file and put it on a download page in your website. Include the link to the pdf file in each part of your e-course.

In each part of the e-course you might say something like:

“Can’t wait for the entire course? Download it now at http://www.yourwebsite.com/pdf

If you do this, if only one part of your 5 part e-course gets to the recipient, that recipient still has access to the entire course in the pdf file. This means they don’t need to call you if they don’t get each email of the course.

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