When speaking to a very small group of people you should be able
to include an extremely large amount of customization.
You should
have researched the group and done your normal homework including
phone interviews with the expected attendees (if it is a public
event and you don’t know who is coming, be set up way early so
you can greet and interview people as they arrive.) Jot down a
note of why each person attended. Then, when a section of your
talk applies to them, point it out and name them by name.

Example: “John, you told me you wanted to learn how to sell more
to the people that visit your website. This section specifically
addresses that, especially the part about the psychology of the

Don’t assume that people will perk up when you come to the part
that specifically applies to them. Make a big deal to point it
out to them. You will be adding an extreme amount of value which
makes them realize that it was a good thing they attended. Oh and
don’t forget they’ll love you for it.

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