This is so much fun.

I keep my cell phone with me when I’m on stage and I either have
someone call me while I’m in the middle of the presentation, or I
just pretend the phone is vibrating and I have to answer the

Since the audience can’t hear the person calling, you could fake
the entire conversation if you wanted to.

Just recently I had the organizer call me on stage just as I was
giving a small discount if the audience members wanted to buy my
back-of-the-room package. The organizer was telling me that the
discount I was giving was not good enough.

We started arguing about it on the phone which was making the
audience members laugh.

Note: If you’ve listened to my 2 hour album on “Selling a Ton at
the Back-of-the-Room” you know
that having the audience laughing in the middle of your close is
a very good thing.

I gave in an dropped the price a little more on the package I was

Immediately the phone rang again, with the organizer telling me
that wasn’t good enough. We had another argument and now the
audience was really laughing.

I gave in again and dropped the price to the rock bottom and sold
a ton.

You could pretend your mother or father is calling and nagging
you about something. Or you could make up just about anyone that
will allow you to make your part of the conversation funny to the

Make good use of your cell phone while you are on stage
and those will be some of the most valuable minutes you ever

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