The latest Georgia Tech survey shows that more people find web pages from links than from search engines. Respondents to the G.T. survey could choose multiple answers. 88 out of 100 found websites from links and only 82 out of 100 found websites from search engines. Also, search engines are beginning to rank sites, in part, on the number of links coming into the site. What does this mean to you?

You must pursue links to your site if you want to maximize traffic. Get out of the mindset that you must protect your site with a shotgun. Trade links with every respectable entity that you can. Also, links are much more reliable than search engines anyway. You can have a good ranking in a search engine one day and disappear the next. If you have a link relationship, it will likely be there for a long time with no maintenance whatsoever.

Some speakers are just plain stupid about this. Their site sits there with very little or no traffic, yet they still are scared to death they might lose a potential customer to another speaker by trading links. Well, do not worry about losing them, because they will probably never find you in the first place unless you have a good and consistent search engine plan and a link program. If you want to see an example of what I mean, visit If you think my attitude on this is in your face, wait till you see what I have to say at If you want to see my linktrade program visit

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