Little known way to build links

I first learned of this little-known and sneaky way to build some incoming links from Michelle Macpherson. I bought an ebook she sells on this technique. I don’t feel that this is a super long term solution, but it could be. I’m talking about creating your own toolbar for your website that people can download and install in their browser. Basically you are creating a piece of software…..and before you freak out I’m NOT talking about some complicated piece of software that takes months of programming time. I’m talking about a simple tool bar that you can create in about 10 minutes with free software.

The idea here is that since you “technically” own a piece of free software that you are willing to give away, you qualify to list this software at the many free software directories on the web and get a link back from them. This idea hasn’t been overused like the regular website directory link building technique that is no longer any good.

You put the toolbar on your website and then the free software directories link back to that page on your site and you get credit for an inbound link.

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