1. I sometimes place a chair, back to audience, next to my prop
or projection table. I may take off my coat and place it over the
chair, but I also use the chair back to tape up notes, or even
put them in the seat.

2. I have also placed a flip chart-sized piece of paper in the
back of the room so that when I look out over the audience I can
look at my outline. If I am on a stage with a curtain, I may have
the same sized cheat sheet on both sides of the stage, between
stage frame and the curtain, or just behind the curtain. That
way, which ever way I am facing or pacing, I have it in front of

3. Finally, with adequate preparation, I simply reduce the entire
presentation down to 2-3 points and put it on a 3×5 card, which
is easily placed almost anywhere within view.

4. The biggest problem I have faced in making notes to myself is
writing too small to read it, or putting an excessive number of
notes on one page.

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