Ok OK I know this isn’t the high tech stuff I’m always using, but
the truth is that hitting someone with a marketing message in
several different fashions will get more results than depending
on only one. I still love email because it is the cheapest and
less risky of all, but post cards come next.

I sat in on Nancy Miller’s mailto:nancy@roundsmiller.com session
at the National Speakers association and got my first taste of
organized post card promotions. She showed me really innovative
and inexpensive ways to get your message across with postcards.

I then got a course from Alex Mandossian
http://www.marketingwithpostcards.com/ that filled in all the

I haven’t done anything fancy yet, but I got immediate results
just by sending out a plain black on blue cardstock postcard. I
made it by cutting a regular sheet of cardstock in half which
gave me two postcards per sheet. I had it duplicated at Office

It immediately generated seminar attendees that just don’t use
their email as much as I do and at least one joint venture is
coming out of it.

You can also use post cards to get the email address of people on
your database. You could offer some incentive to sign up for your
email newsletter so your marketing to that prospect is free from
then on. Tapping your database is always valuable and postcards
are a great way to do it.

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