The business model for a content website is that the site owners
gather as much content as they can on a particular topic. They
then try to attract as many people as possible who are interested
in that topic. The more people that visit the site, the more the
advertising on the site is worth. You can tap into this large
volume of website visitors for free.

Let’s say a site is totally about automobiles. They have all the
new models listed along with articles on leasing, finance,
insurance, how to buy a used car etc. Guess where they get all
these articles. Of course, from subject matter experts like you.
You generally don’t get paid for the articles (it’s possible you
could), but you get paid by your bio line and link back to your

This is good in several ways. First, a link from a very high
traffic site is worth more to you than a link from a low traffic
site. The link alone helps your search engine rankings because of
“link popularity.” Second, the article you write has high
credibility for appearing on a large respected site. This means
that people that click over to your site are already predisposed
to like what you have to say and believe you are credible before
they ever pick up the phone to call.

You only need to land a few of these deals to add a tremendous
number of website visitors to your site . . .  all of whom could
spend money with you in one way or the other.

To get your content listed, search the Internet for sites that
are related to your topic area. They don’t have to be “exactly”
related. For instance, customer service experts would be welcome
on any business related site either small or large.

Email, write, call, fax or do anything it takes to get through to
the powers that be at the website of interest. Persistence pays
off in this game. Offer your credentials and sample articles and
you just might be their next featured columnist . . .  and that
means millions of potentials leads for your business.

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