OK, OK, I know I’ve been preaching for years the fact that you
should always use humor to make a point in a presentation. Well
sometimes I don’t do that at all.

Sometimes I might just do something to create a buzz. — Just to
give people something to talk about after they leave my
presentation. These things I do easily could be used to make a
point if I wanted to, but I don’t always want to.


Do you think you might tell someone about it if you saw me speak
and you witnessed with your very own eyes a handkerchief flying
100 feet across the meeting room right into my hand?

You can make that happen for about $80.00

Not that there is any point here, but I do need a reason that the
handkerchief decided to fly over to me. I set that up by saying,
“It seems to be getting a little hot in here.” Now it makes sense
for me to summon a handkerchief to wipe my brow. I then put it in
my lapel pocket and continue as if nothing happened.

I don’t really continue . . . I pretend to continue until people
start yelling, “How’d you do that?” I respond as if I don’t know
what they are talking about and play that out for a while. I
never do tell them.


How about pouring water on someone’s head and they don’t get wet?
You can do that too for about ten bucks.

Am I going to tell you how the above things are done? Absolutely
not! Someone from the magician’s union would kill me. You can
however, take this article to a magic shop and tell them you want
to be able to do these things and they will sell you the
appropriate equipment / supplies. Once you’ve purchased, then you
have the right to know how it works. That’s the way it works with
magic. Don’t go into the store and ask them how to do this,
because they won’t tell you. YOU MUST PURCHASE FIRST and there
are no refunds, so be prepared to either go through with these
tricks or throw them in a drawer.

I will tell you, that these two tricks take minimum practice, but
they DO TAKE SOME PRACTICE. Don’t go off and try to use them in a
presentation the moment you get them or you’re guaranteed to mess
up. — and messing up the water trick will get YOU in hot water
with the person you just soaked. 🙂

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