How would you like to have your articles regularly read on
thousands of Internet sites? Of course you would love it. In the
recent past you would have little chance to make that happen
easily. Here’s why.

You would have to contact the sites to make the deal and then
email them an article each week or at any interval you decide
upon. Then you would have to hope that each site put the updates
on their sites in a timely fashion . . . ha! Fat chance of
that happening. Making the deal in the first place would be hard
enough because most people that have websites depend upon
webmasters to make changes . . . again ha! try getting the
average webmaster to respond quickly and regularly. Even if the
site owner updated their own site, you are talking about lots of
work doing regular updates . . . UNTIL NOW!

Enter an inexpensive piece of software called the “Master
Syndicator” For about $150.00 you
can have this software installed. You write your articles and put
them in the supplied web page. Instantly all the sites that have
accepted your articles are updated. The sites that use your
articles have zero work other than to put one line of code in
their website just one time. After that, there is no maintenance.

Just think of the power this brings to your desktop at home. Each
deal you make with another website means that all their visitors
are being exposed to your ideas, products and services on a
regular basis which means money in your bank account . . . lots
of money if you play your cards right. You are also providing
fresh content for the sites hosting your articles. Everyone wins.
Learn to take your articles to the masses!

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