Using the new networking site called “Twitter” can be helpful in keeping your clients, prospects and friends in touch with your new business ideas. It’s free, simple and a very powerful tool to drive visitors to web pages, new articles, fresh blog posts and video releases.

Using Twitter is easy. After signing up, the site prompts you to enter a short 140 character ‘blog’ that asks the question: “what are you doing?” You can then send short announcements (called ‘tweets’) about any news you have to share. Not limited to personal news, you can write about:

* new blog posts
* new article submissions
* upcoming product launches
* seminar announcements
* marketing insights
* observations about articles or books you have read
* website updates
* and absolutely anything under the sun!

While Twitter is used mainly for friends and clients to keep each other updated about the progress of their day, savvy marketers will use the ‘tweets’ to inform their followers about all the above mentioned topics and more. The best part is that you can place clickable links in your ‘tweets’ that followers can click on to go to any site or page that you want them to. Because of the 140 character limit, ‘tweets’ need to be short, creative and long URL’s can be shortened with the help of

To add followers you simply follow someone else’s ‘tweets’ and they will in turn follow you. ‘Tweets’ are posted immediately for all of your followers to read in a “top-to-bottom” scrolling page that can be easily added to your browser or desktop. Twitter has many great applications such as instantly adding your ‘tweets’ to all of your social networking (facebook, squidoo, myspace, etc) automatically from your Twitter homepage.

This is a great way to share information, services and products to a variety of clients, prospects, friends and the curious. There is no limit to how many ‘tweets’ you can post in a day and no limit to how many followers you can have. I saw one Twitter user with over 11,000 followers that have instant access to each and every one of his posts. Can you imagine what that could do for your business? It’s time to start ‘tweeting’!

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