Tom, I have to pass this on. Some years ago I was teaching a
large group in business and professional writing. I wanted them
to realize the biggest error in most business and professional
writing so I had each person blow up a balloon and then stick a
pin in it. (Amusingly that was a very difficult task for balloon

When all 65 folks stuck the pins in at more or less the same time
the results were loud pops! The point to the exercise, of course,
was to show how little one had left when one took all the hot air
out of one’s business writing. All seemed to get that point. What
I personally didn’t understand was why, after all that unusual
noise, nobody came to see if we were okay.

NOTE FROM TOM: This same exercise can be used to simulate an
indoor fireworks show. Of course, there is no fire and smoke but
it sounds like it. Also, you can have the people stomp on the
balloons which makes for a fun visual.

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