A few months ago I recorded a teleclass Called “Improve Your Website: 60 Tips In 60 Minutes.”  When I critique a website there are dozens of things that with a few tweaks, can greatly improve sales or conversions. For the most part these changes only take a few minutes to do. Here are  just a few from the call:

* Title Bars:  It is critical that you include keywords in your title bars. This is the first place that search engines look for keywords when they visit your page. Put 3 main keywords separated by commas on each page of your site.  Make the keywords match the content of each page.

* White Space:  too many webpages are covered with so many graphics and run on copy that it tires the eyes. Balance your page design to make it very user friendly and easy to look at.

* Usability:  the navigation on your website should be simple and easy to understand. Too many links and drop down windows will confuse your visitor. Make sure that when they do navigate around that they can easily get back to where they came from.

Simple changes of design and usability can dramatically increase sales.

Get the additional 57 tips here!

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