I’ll bet you thought this article was about how to name your
business. Nah . . . There are many other people that know more
about that than I do. This article is about making sure people
hear your name.

Not a week goes by without several people contacting me and
telling me that “they see my name everywhere.” This is by design.
I’m taking specific steps to make sure that happens. Where and
how many times does your name show up?

When your name comes up constantly in front of your target
market, you start to gain celebrity status, your fees rise and
you get work much easier.

If you haven’t started a media campaign, I suggest you start
immediately. This has been an extremely effective marketing
technique for me over the past twelve years and I’m not even that
organized or consistent with my attack. If you are more
structured about your approach, you should do better than me.
Here is a list of places my name is seen or heard regularly:

Print Magazines (see above)
Internet Magazines
Email magazines
My websites
Other websites (well over 1000)
This Ezine
On my products
In other people’s products (books, ebooks, etc.)
Television (not that much because this is much more time
Mentions and referrals by other people

If you’re just starting out with media, pick one or two of the
above categories and do whatever you can to get your name
mentioned five to ten times in each one. This will introduce you
to the differences in the types of media and you’ll start to
learn which ones are most appropriate for you and how to work
them. Then go back and really try to hit a few hard to get your
name out there.

If you are an old hand at this and have just slacked off, get
back to it.

Here are some great resources to get you started:
Joan Stewart’s site http://www.publicityhound.com
and the radio database and course by Joe Sabah

Book — “High Visibility: The Making and Marketing of
Professionals Into Celebrities” by Irving Rein

Learn more about making yourself a celebrity!

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