One of the smartest search engines you could ever use is the pay
per click portion of Google. This program has made me and saved
me a fortune, but there are some tricks of the trade you need to
know about.

Saving time and money

So how could a search engine save me time and money? Using Google
Adwords, I can test concepts in less than a couple hours to see
if there is interest in the marketplace for my product idea. Once
you learn how to use their system you can be driving
traffic to your website in less than an hour (sometimes when they
are busy it could be a couple hours.) If I find no interest, then
I don’t develop the product.

Get cheaper clicks than your ignorant competition

Google has brilliantly set up their pay per click system so that
if you write a better ad and more people click on it, you get
cheaper clicks.

Let’s say I write an ad and one person out of one hundred clicks
on it. That’s a one percent click through ratio (CTR).

Let’s say you write an ad and two people out of one hundred click
on it. That’s a two percent CTR.

You only pay half the price that I pay for the click, or looking
at it a different way, for the same amount of money you get twice
the number of visitors.

Google is rewarding you for writing a better ad that gets people
to click.

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