EdgeRank is Facebooks’ internal algorithm that determines where your posts will appear on the News Feed of fans and friends. Research concludes that only 16% of your fans are going to see your content because the algorithm flitters and prioritizes the posts your fans see and the order in which they are shown on their News Feed.
Facebook offers business owners the option to buy Facebook ads to increase traffic, but I would like to focus on achieving organic results. As a business owner you need to understand how to create and mange your Facebook posts so that you can get the most out of your social networking efforts. Correctly timed posts that engage your fans and friends will produce more Likes, Shares and Comments.
The key to getting a higher EdgeRank is to start engaging with your audience if your not doing so already, otherwise your posts will never make it to the News Feed of your fans. The different actions that users can perform on Facebook are known as an edge.

* A status update.
* Photo or video posts
* Clicking, liking, tagging, sharing, commenting and befriending people.
There are 3 variables that effect the algorithm:

Tracks your relationship and interaction with fans. The people you interact with the most increases the chance of you seeing their updates on your News Feed.

Edge Weight
Each type of action on Facebook produces a different weight or score, usually the more effort it takes to perform an action the higher the weight. Videos, photos, and links rank higher and have more weight when compared to plain text updates. Also a post with a lot of comments, likes, or shares will have an increased value.

Time Decay
According to Facebook as a post ages it will lose value and drop down in the News Feed. This feature is used to keep your News Feed fresh with recent news. Facebook also considers how frequently a user is active on Facebook when determining the EdgeRank.
How to improve Your EdgeRank Score

1. If you are marketing your brand, product, or services on Facebook you can improve your EdgeRank Score by making an continuos effort to engage with your fans. As a business owner your focus should be on creating content that inspires your fans to take action by sharing, likes, or comments.
2. You should post daily to consistently reach your fans.
3. Be conversational it is ok to not talk about business all the time but topics should relate to your industry.
4. Post when your audience is online.
As a business owner understanding the Facebook EdgeRank can help you better target and engage with your audience through a social network. Although Facebook is always making changes and updates to the algorithm you should always make it a goal to keep fresh and relevant updates in front of your fans because it can only help your business grow.



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